Issues with compiling my novel into PDF

So, this is my first post so let me know if you need any more info than what I am providing.

I am having a problem in getting my print version of my novel onto the KDP and having it turn out the way I want. First, When I compile the folders and text documents together, they don’t line up exactly the way I want in the beginning. The title page is not included in the numbered pages, the first numbered page is blanket (right after the title page) and the second numbered page is the copyright info. On the back of that page (page three) is the dedication which is right next to my first chapter. I would (ideally) like the title page to be on the right page (which it currently is), have copyright info on the back of that, dedication on the next page, then start the novel after a page turn.

Second issue is every numbered page is showing with this weird text in the upper right hand corner. I did not put it there, it’s not in the reg Scrivener document, but once it converts to PDF it appears.

Any help with how to do this is appreciated and I can provide screenshots if you need to. I need to figure out how to change the margins, but hopefully that won’t be too hard.

I have fixed most major issues I listed before but now I’m trying to manually set my margins for printing. They were auto set to 1 inch, but it feels a bit to big, I am trying to fiddle with them now. My book is going to print with 6x9 inch size paper.

How I solved me previous issues by going into the “contents” sections of the compile menu and select “as is” for everything. I also clicked “page break before” for the text of chapter 1. I also removed the folders containing the title, copyright, and dedication so they were just texts. I removed the “project name” from the “header” part of page layout and this also solved the weird text that was appearing on the upper right of every page.

My main issue now is margins. I have left and right set to .75 and top and bottom set to .5 both in inches. That seems okay, but will the binding get in the way? I can’t set “inner” and “outer” edges, can I?