Issues With Doc-Switching in Full Screen Mode

Oops, i accidentally put this in the “Zen Zone”. Here it is, FREE advice! :smiley:

As far as doc-switching in Full Screen Mode (FSM) I really found the old pop-up bar method much more convenient. Switching docs was simple: go to pop-up bar, select your doc. Now? View>Editor>Go To>Doc X
From a logical standpoint neither View nor Editor relate directly and/or instinctively to switching documents. It’s one of our most common tasks in FSM and, at least for me, the current method has failed to become second-nature.
Maybe, if the old method doesn’t work for you, there could be a drop-down in the black area to the left of the page? That might be nice. Something that disappears like the scroll-bar does. ? I’d pay again for THAT alone!.. And because i like you guys ; )

PS Sorry about the separate post. I should have appended it to that other one, which i read.