Issues with Footnotes

Please help. I have a few issues with the footnotes whenever I compile. I’ve tried compiling in docx, doc, and rtf.

  1. The superscripted number in the text is in “Courier new” instead of TNR. But all my text and the footnotes are in TNR. I want the superscripted number to also be TNR.
    Wrong Font

  2. The superscripted number in the footnote is Font size 12. But I want the number to be size 10 just like the text in my footnote.
    Wrong Font Size

  3. The footnote does not appear on the correct page.
    See for example footnote 3 which appears on page 3, but the text that references it is on page 2.
    Page 2:

    Page 3:
    Page 3

I also have the first problem.


If you obtained mismatching fonts because you used style(s) all over your body text in the editor, I think you might have to uncheck this option from the layouts of the compile format you are compiling with: