Issues with including images within Scapple

I have just purchased Scapple through the App store and one of the key features I want to use is the ability to drag and drop images into my Scapple, however, when I drag an image from my desktop all I get is the hyperlink, no actual image. Also, when I copy and paste the image all I get is the generic PNG or JEPG logo rather than the actual image.

If some one could advise how I resolve this issue it would be much appreciated? Point to Note: I did download the trial version prior to purchasing via the App Store and not sure if this has any relevance to the issue I am encountering.

At some point dragging and dropping images stopped working for me, too. You can still include images in scapple, but you have to open the image in preview first, select all (cmd-a), copy (cmd-c), and then go to Scapple and paste (cmd-p).

This was much more efficient before and wish it would work like it used to…

Same problem here - can we get some help with this? I use this function everytime I use Scapple and feel hamstrung at the moment not being able to drag and drop images in.

Same problem here!!!