Issues with license server

Thanks again. About to backup and update now.

From the release notes:

  • Fixed a bug whereby using Save As in a project set to sync with an external folder retained the external folder file path in the new copy. An external folder should sync with only one project to avoid conflicts.

I think I encountered that yesterday. I did a save-as, and then went to set up its sync, and it still had the parent path. A potential gotcha there.

And this one:

  • Fixed a bug whereby moving paragraphs in the editor via Edit ▸ Move ▸ Move Up/Move Down caused them to lose their paragraph formatting (alignment, indentation, etc.) and paragraph style, if one was set, and could also impact the formatting of adjacent paragraphs.

Not sure I’ve seen that, but it sounds similar to issues that make lists difficult to work with.

Some good fixes in these updates. Thank you! This one I encounter frequently, and I think I first reported it.

  • Fixed a bug whereby merging documents caused the editor left/right margin to disappear for the merged document.