Issues with Lock In Place and Show/Hide Header View


Mac OS X 10.8.5. I have some issues with Lock In Place and Show/Hide Header View; I think they are somewhat related.

  1. With the Header View shown, choose [Icon next to the document title] > Lock In Place; the Header View turns brown. (Lock Group View Mode is checked.)

  2. Choose View > Layout > Hide Header View.

  3. The Lock In Place function is deactivated. Selecting a document in the Binder exits from the Group View mode. You can see it by choosing View > Layout > Show Header View, and making the Header View appear again (it is now grey).

No relevant report appears in the Console.


“Lock in Place” is not available when the header is not visible, so it gets turned off when you hide the header.

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Thank you, Keith. In case this could be reconsidered, I would prefer that the status of this parameter simply remains unchanged when the Header View is not shown. I sometimes like to work in the cleanest window, while keeping the settings unchanged. As far as I can understand, this would be the only way to work in Group View mode, but with a minimal window.

To try to be a bit clearer: I wouldn’t want to add some new function to take care of, like a lock or preference. I would simply want to remove the automatic linking (change view, and something is activated/deactivated).

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