Issues with mathtype equations

Testing v. 1.7.2 I noticed the following issues with Mathtype 6.9 equations:
Main issue:

  1. Color equation symbols (MT: Format:Color) are not retained after editing an equation in Scrivener. All the equation symbols return black

Minor issues:
2. No double click to open an equation.
3. No re-scaling equation in Scrivener retained after open/editing it in MT.
4. No way with some key-modifiers to re-establish the original size of the equation after re-scaling it (to accomplish it one needs to exploit the previous bug)
5. No base line alignment of the MT equation within the Scrivener editor. The equation sits somewhat below the normal line (tested with a fraction).

Yet, all these are minor points as compare to the lost of the MT editing once exported in Word (rtf or doc), as already pointed out in previous posts. With the additional limitations in using Zotero-Endnote export, that makes Scrivener still a “let me give just a try” software in academic environment. And this is really unfortunate, giving how well it is designed.

Thanks for listening.