Issues with Navigation Highlighting in Scrivenings Mode

Bug Report for Windows Beta Version: Beta (1224521) 64-bit - 09 Mar 2021

Clicking in a document in the editor while in scrivenings mode rightly highlights that document in the binder (that is, providing the Show current editor document indicator is ticked). But if a file group was selected to create the scrivenings, the primary selection highlighting trumps the secondary navigation highlighting. Result, you can’t see where you are in the binder.

It would be helpful to better distinguish navigation highlighting from selection highlighting. The simplest change would be to give navigation highlighting priority. However, the two shades currently used are almost indistinguishable, to my eyes anyway, and it would be nice to see both highlights at once. Therefore, instead of re-shading, a better solution might be to place a border around the folder when tracking navigation?

A related issue is with the menu popped up by the Content Navigation Button. The manual says that, in a scrivenings session, it can provide a ‘reference of where you are’. That would be nice, but it acts only as a navigation tool. There’s no highlighting to indicate which document the cursor is in. And it only cascades out sub-levels via a mouse-click, meaning that, even if there was a navigation highlight, when editing a sub-document the highlight would be invisible. Finally the menu closes as soon as you click back into the editor. From the description in the manual, I envisaged something more like a floating panel with a document tree and expand/collapse buttons. Perhaps a panel would be a better widget to use?