Issues with Scrivener crashing frequently

I just purchased Scrivener through the App Store last Thursday, having previously used the trial version and falling in love with the app. However, I’m having a real problem with the program crashing constantly. I’ve been trying to work in Scrivener this morning, and in the last hour have had it crash on me at least four times. I haven’t noticed anything that happens specifically that might cause it. Sometimes it happens with auto-saving (it seems), but I’ve also had it crash just trying to select all, or paste, or hit Return.

Are there issues running Scrivener on Lion? Is this an issue others have experienced? I’m hoping there’s a fix. I haven’t lost any work, but having to restart the app every five minutes kills productivity.

I’ve sent error logs each time the program has crashed, if that helps.

Thanks ahead of time for any help or advice!

Frequent crashes are almost always due to incompatibilities with various plug-ins. SCFinder is the most notorious, but there are several known bad actors.

As the crash report form indicates, if you are having repeated crashes it would be best to send the crash report to The automated crash reporter goes to a different place: we watch it to see if patterns are emerging, but it’s difficult to respond to individual reports.

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I’ve just looked up your automatically-sent crash log, and I can confirm that it is indeed SCFinderPlugin causing the problem on your system. This is a plugin that a number of users seem to have installed at some point, but it was never updated for Lion and as a result plays havoc with a number of programs. Here are the full details along with instructions on how to remove this plugin so that you can get up and running again: … nderplugin

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Thanks! That seems to have resolved the issue.

Great, glad it helped! That plugin is the bane of my life. :slight_smile: