Issues with scriviner

Hello everyone
I have been writing on Scrivener for about two weeks now and the system is lagging a lot it can take up to thirty seconds or more for the curser to move or blink which tells me that it’s ready to type. I type a whole bunch of words and then have to wait for it to catch up to me. is there anything I can do to fix this I don’t have this issue on any other platform?

If you have large files in your project Research folder or even in your Draft folder, things slow down dramatically. Place files of a megabyte or lager outside the project. Don’t include high resolution images in your project. Either create a link to them or Replace them when you Compile, don’t bog down your project with large images.

Does that help?

Hello thank you for your help. but I have only have chapter one and two on there with nothing else in the binder. I’m not even using the cork board or any of the other services it offers right now and it is still really slow. is there anything else I can do to help it along I even tried rebooting my computer and that didn’t work either.

Could be any number of things, e.g. failing hardware. Or perhaps anti-virus software or other software running in foreground/background. Check these.

It’s uncommon behavior to say the least, I’ve always thought Scrivener to be lightning fast during writing and admirably quick during Compiling.

Are you working on a slow wired Network or from a NAS, maybe?

It seems to me that the answer lies outside Scrivener.

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Are you working on a local file or a cloud file? Some cloud services can cause delays in Scrivener owing to the autosave creating clashes with the version the cloud is trying to propagate. I used to get delays and multiple sync file issues before I realised what the issue was and told OneDrive to “Always Keep On This Device”.
May not be your issue, just a thought.

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I’m thinking that I could take off my computer and then put it back on once again. do you think that might work. I just got my computer fixed and it is running faster now but still scrivener is slow,

I’m thinking someone knowledgeable about hardware should have a look at your computer. There’s no reason Scrivener is so slow on a modern PC…

Found this: if you are using OneDrive as storage, Limits severely slows down procedures. If so, set these to Don’t limit.


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