Issues with scrolling and selecting + syncing question

At my request, my parents get me a low end Windows tablet for Christmas. I have scrivener on my laptop, but wanted an even more portable way to work on my novels.

I’ve gotten Scrivener installed (thank you for the NaNo discount!) and went through the tutorial to familiarize myself with using it on my tablet in a Windows environment. I came across a couple of things I had trouble with, My caveat is that I haven’t yet purchased a keyboard and I’m not used to Windows or tablets, so the problems could be user error. That said, I would appreciate some assistance.

  1. I was unable to hold down the virtual ctrl or shift keys in order to select multiple items in the binder. I assume this might be a tablet without a keyboard problem, but even after I get a keyboard, I may not always have it with me. Are there any workarounds?

  2. When looking at multiple scrivenings in group mode, I was unable to scroll properly. When I tried text was selected instead. I use group more a lot, so this was disappointing. Is this a tablet thing?

Other than those things, it felt very familiar to me, which is wonderful because I love Scrivener. I’m excited to have a way to use it possibly even more often. However, I haven’t opened any of my own projects because of the synching issue.

I wanted to see if there are any best practices for moving between v3 on a mac and the Windows version on my tablet. I understand I have to export them back to v2 but since i might be going back and forth a lot, is there anything I should be particularly aware of? Tips for making the process more efficient and foolproof?

Thank you!

I just installed Scrivener on my Windows Surface Pro 4, and am currently travelling. My keyboard/mouse cover stopped working. No problem, I will just use the touch screen, I thought.

However, I also noticed that finger-hold-and-scrolling within the text just highlights the text, and doesn’t scroll the window up and down as expected.

I also noticed this mentioned in this ticket, also from some years ago: [Suggestion|LH1692] Usability on Windows 10 Tablet screens

did you

oops. the joys of sensitive touch-screens, and no edit option.

did you find a solution?