Issues with Summarizer and other questions from a newbie

1st. I have a project that I’m working on that Summarizer could prove to be very useful on. The only problem I’m having is that I can’t get it to work correctly. I’m not sure what the issue is. Basically everything appears to work fine but when I import my text into Scrivener the text is missing from each item, although I see that Scrivener indicates the correct number count of my items. “My summary text from Summarizer does not appear in Scrivener though.”


Is there a way that I can batch process the changing of text for a number of files that I’ve imported into Scrivener? Basically can I select a number of files and change the current font color in these files to my choosing?


Is it possible to change the text color in the binder and inspector area? Basically I’m trying to get a write room style look all the way around for the app. Is this possible?

Finally happy New Year and thanks for creating such a fantastic program. I purchased Scrivener 6 months ago, haven’t used it once until now, but I knew it was just what I needed to try to organize my thoughts (I spent my time procrastinating when I should have been learning Scrivener). Lastly I’ll be purchasing Taskpaper today. It would be heavenly to own an application that was a combination of both. I like the fact that I can basically view a number of items in Taskpaper as a single document, and have certain elements disappear and reappear at my choosing. I’d love to do this in one place, namely Scrivener. Again, thank you and I hope you can help.

10.5.6 OS X
Summarizer 1.0
Scrivener 1.11 as well as 1.12 beta

I’ve discovered the answers to my 1st and 2nd questions. Unfortunately I couldn’t resolve my issue with Summarizer, so I gave up.

My second question will possibly appear as a feature that will be included in a future update. “I’m not possitive but I do believe I came across this being indicated by the developer somewhere here in the forum.”

:::ATTENTION::: I was wrong about my 2nd solution read the response to this post in the following reply:::

After having researched my third question and not finding any solutions I don’t believe this to be possible with Scrivener.

Thanks for a great application. I’ll be happy to pay for a 2.0 update.

To be honest, Summarizer was just a simple app I devised for myself - I never really expected anyone else to use it! 2.0 won’t have Summarizer import at all given that I don’t really offer any support for Summarizer. That said, the text created in Summarizer appears in the synopses in Scrivener, not in the main text.

You can batch change the formatting of files to use the default formatting, but not to arbitrary formatting. You set the default formatting via Preferences > Text Editing. Then you can select a number of documents in the binder and select Documents > Covert > To Default Style.

No, I’m afraid you can’t change the text colour in those areas.

Thanks for the kind words - sorry for the delay in my reply; I’ve been travelling from my home in the UK to San Francisco for the past two days so haven’t had much access to mail or the forums. Happy New Year to you too.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

No issues on the reply. Glad to hear from you. I thought Summarizer might be useful to me for a particular text scrubbing operation that I was trying to complete. I finally realize that it would not have been useful so I ended up purchasing TextSoap and the problem was solved. Thanks for solving the puzzle of the missing text for me though. It was driving me nuts.

Fantastic news regarding question number two, thanks for the solution. After using Scrivener for quite some time now I realize that question number three was completely unnecessary.

Lastly, had I known that you were here in San Francisco I could have at least bought you a couple more cups of coffee.

All the best in the new year.


You still have time! He is there now. Not sure where as I am on the other coast. You should be able to locate KB and DMJ by looking for folks wearing the scrivener logo.

It’s a beautiful day Jaysen.
I think I’ll start looking in North Beach.



I use TextSoap a lot, it is very useful thing.

It is one of very few programs which allows you to use RegEx on styled text. This is a very useful capability.

By far the biggest exponent of RegEx with styled text is Nisus. I don’t use their wordprocessor very much any more but on the classic OS I used Nisus Writer for nearly everything.

With Nisus Writer classic you could find/replace with RegEx with styles applied to components of the RegEx expression and so it was astonishingly powerful. You could also use RegEx with graphics as part of the RegEx.

However I don’t think the OS X versions of Nisus Writer have those capabilities yet.

For me TextSoap makes more sense on OS X for the time being.

Wow, Nisus writer. Thats a name I haven’t heard in years. It was my favorite word processor back in college. A true classic OS “classic”. I didn’t know they were still around. Thanks for the input on TextSoap. Makes me feel better about the investment. I don’t understand RegEx at all but it’s built in filters handled a number of the issues I’ve been having with out a hitch.

I’m still trying to learn a bit of reg to solve a number of additional problems. You’ve convinced me to download a demo of Nisus. But unfortunately I’ll enjoy it briefly. I can’t afford the price price tag. If I recall correctly It was always a pretty expensive app.

All the best and thanks Patrick

Correction Nisus appears to be affordable, for some reason I thought it was just over $100. Think I’ll give it a try.