Issues with the Character Template

I’ve experiencec two problems with the Character Template.

  1. There is a tab set at around the 2.3 marker on the ruler and no matter how many times I move it back to the left of the page (there doesn’t seem to be an option to just delete or remove it), it appears again. Whenever I’m typing a line of text in the character template and it starts a new line automatically because I’ve reached the far right of the page, it defaults to this tab and therefore starts the new line in the middle of the page.

  2. The second problem may be harder for me to lead you to… I created a duplicate of the Character Template and moved it to my characters’ folder; then did some reformatting of it (mainly deleting the text/categories that were already there and making my own headings). Then I duplicated it again.

My new headings work like this (for example):

Adult Characters



What I’ve found is that on one particular entry (say Joe for example), which is not supposed to be underlined, only bolded, that every time I switch between character sheets, the underlining returns. I erase it, save the changes, and then switch documents again and the underlining comes back. I can’t seem to get my formatting to stick. It happens on both the first and second duplicate in exactly the same place.