It circles and circles and circles ...

The last time I used Scrivener (windows), two days ago, it updated the version. NO problem. My hubby was working on my other very old and slow computer, using a completely different program. NO problem. Now Scrivener won’t pull up on my current computer. Well, it pulls up so I can see my novel, but then it just circles and circles and circles until I get the message that Scrivener is not responding. Can’t work on it at all. Is this just a re-download thing? Is it freaking out since the old computer has Scrivener on it? (That computer kept getting alerts every time I saved a scene). I have tried closing down and restarting. Several times. I have deleted Scrivener from the old and barely used computer that I haven’t written on in a couple of years. No better.

I need to get back to work, so I was going to uninstall and re-download, but when I go to apps, it shows not Scrivener, but Scrivener update. Is that what I need to do?

I have the exact same problem. It started a week ago. If was patient enough it would make a start, but today it doesn’t work at all.

JC: I went ahead and uninstalled “Scrivener Update” (only Scrivener-related thing in the Apps portion of Settings where you uninstall). I reinstalled Scrivener. It’s all back. And if I go back to the Apps portion of Settings, it says “Scrivener,” not “Scrivener Update.” So all is good. Update musta gone weird with Windows, but all okay now.