it doesn't seem to work?

I use and love the Mac version of Scrivener. I downloaded the beta of the Windows version and it doesn’t seem to work properly. What I mean is that when I save a Scriv file on my Mac and put into Dropbox, I am unable to open said file using Scrivener on my Windows. I click open but it just doesn’t open it. It does nothing at all. Why is that?

As I understand it, there’s a special file in the project’s directory on Windows. I believe that file is the one you open with WinScriv, and not the directory itself. That file should be named for the folder/project.

Thanks. How do I find/identify this special file? Is it created automatically??


Here is how you find the file.

Each project on Windows is contained in a folder that ends with .scriv Open the .scriv folder for the project in question. Inside the .scriv folder there will be a set of sub folders. Open the one that says ‘Files’. Inside this folder is a text file called version.txt. Open it and it should have 16 written in it as numbers. If it doesn’t change it and save.