"It looks like you're going back on an edit you made last year. Wanna not do that?"

Hey all!
I’m currently doing my yearly re-read of my entire book and for the first time I’m counting how many line edits I reject (I make notes while I have my phone read my book to me, then once I’m through I implement changes). It’s about 1/10 currently and I have this nagging feeling that many of these would just be reversals of changes I made in my last yearly re-read.

So I’ve started thinking, would it be possible to give Scriv a function where you can record which sentences/paragraphs you play around with during a round of editing, and when the next round is up you activate the function again so that Scriv can tell you “Hey, you messed about with this sentence/paragraph last time, too. Want me to show you what it looked like before you did?” And then Scriv can spit out an edit history of that very sentence/paragraph so that you can just go “Oh yes, that version was much better. click Next!”

It would be kind of an extension of the snapshot function, but much much improved with regards to usability as an editing aid.

I mean, I can’t be the only one who suspects that they are wasting hours upon hours of their life just switching words back and forth without knowing it.

I’m sure this must be coming in v. 3—if it’s not implemented already—as it has long been part of the Mac version which Windows 3 is aiming for parity with.



What, where, how?? I’m using v3.1.2 on Mac, so if you could point me to this function, I’d be very much obliged.

Sorry, I’d forgotten I was in the “Wish List” forum and thought I was still in “Windows Beta Testing”. :blush:
Screenshot 2019-03-02 19.12.13.png

If you hover your mouse over the button you’ll get a tooltip telling you how to do the comparison in an editor.

HTH :slight_smile:


Ah. No, I knew about this. It’s just not very feasible to use it while editing because if you’re working with many versions it involves an inordinate amount of clicking, searching and scrolling and I get lost quickly.

A function that would allow me to just compare versions of the paragraph or even sentence you’re currently in would make things quite a lot easier