It says I'm not online!

Hello again guys.

Hope is all well.

I have started working on my project on a second laptop. I have decided to use Google drive. I downloaded Scriv on my second laptop. I noticed a few new buttons when I did.

I opened my project on this second laptop by using a USB with a zip file of my project. It stated that the file type was out of date and that it would convert it for me.

When setting up Google drive to syns automatically, the second laptop had a ‘sync’ button under ‘file’ but the first laptop that I had Scriv on doesn’t. I installed Scriv on this laptop about 2 months ago. I went to ‘help’ and the ‘check for updates’. A pop up then tells me ‘No active internet connection found’. I am online, right now in fact.

Any ideas?

Ta in advance.

I don’t know what’s going on with your Scrivener installation (though I’d look at firewall settings, either on your computer or the network you’re connected to as a first step), but you shouldn’t use Google Drive to sync your “live” projects. ZIP compressed projects can traverse GD intact, but don’t keep a project that you can open in Scrivener in your GD folder for syncing with other computers. … e-advisory

The “sync” menu item is a function of Scrivener, not the specific project. If you don’t see it, make sure you’re using the current version of Scrivener.

As rdale said, we do not recommend using Google Drive with live projects, as it is known to be unreliable. (Scrivener’s frequent saves seem to break the algorithm Google uses to identify “new” versions, which can cause all kinds of data integrity issues for your project.)

If the automatic update command is not working, you can download the latest version of Scrivener from our site.