It seems overwhelming

I kind of wish there was an “undo” button somewhere in the toolbar, just in case I do something because I don’t know what I’m doing, and then wish I could take back what I had just done. But maybe that would be a redundant feature and I just haven’t grasped it yet.

I’m with you there, but one thing you can do is save your original as a backup then feel free to experiment,
What I do if it’s just one or two sections, duplicate that section(s) – perhaps into another folder on in the same folder whatever is easier for you, (and you can split the panels and see your changes)

I agree with everything Jaysen wrote. I would also say that the hardest thing to do as a beginner when using Scrivener (and I am one - I installed it on December 28) is importing an already existing project. I currently have two projects I’m working on in Scrivener; one that had all kinds of notes and research etc, and importing it into Scrivener before I had a chance to finish the built in tutorial resulted in a lot of wasted efforts. But yes, regardless of those wasted efforts I also decided to go back and to a lot of housekeeping that I was unable (or unwilling) to do when I first start writing in Word (and later Google Docs) - such as splitting up chapters into scenes and assigning keywords (as Pigfender describes here) etc., as to make future editing easier.

I feel that starting a project from scratch in Scrivener is so much easier as you can start with one scene in one text file then when it is finished just create another file for the next scene, and once you feel ready for it you create a folder that you call Chapter 1 and dump all the files into it. Then start anew on the next scene following that first chapter and once ready, create a Chapter 2 folder, and so on. If you want to divide your book into different parts, then just create folders for each part, name them Part 1 etc., and then dump the appropriate chapters into each folder. Easy as pie!

For me it is much easier to write the text(s) first, then sort out the hierarchy of the filing system. To be honest my research archives will always be more well-structured than the actual manuscript. :blush:

That’s what I should have done prior to going through the interactive tutorial, because somewhere along the line I misread the instructions, and and lost “Step 8: Splits” of Part 2. It vanished. That undo button would sure have come in handy right then. :slight_smile:

Look in your tutorial project’s Trash folder. If that doesn’t yield anything, close the project, drag it to the recycle bin, and start a new tutorial project. You can just skip to Step 8, of course.

If you want to move chapters into a folder, you can start by creating a new folder. Right-click the binder, choose ‘add -> new folder’, or click the drop-down arrow on the green plus sign on the toolbar and choose ‘new folder’.

Then you can drag and drop any documents you want into the new folder. That’s down in the binder (the list of topics on the left). Click and drag the document title in the binder into the new folder.

Or, you can highlight the scenes you want to go into a new folder with click and shift-click, or ctrl-click the documents you want. That’s also done in the binder, highlighting the individual document titles.

With the document titles you want to move into a new folder highlighted, choose the ‘group’ function in the main toolbar’s documents menu. That will create a new folder and move the selected documents into it.

I think Scrivener could benefit from some enhancements to its RTF editor, but I keep coming back to it. There’s not much else out there to rival Scrivener.

Just remember the binder is primarily a list of document titles, and that the individual documents are just that - individual documents. You can use the import and export functions, or you can use ctrl-A to select everything in a document (all the text), ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard, and the ctrl-V it into another application.

There are usually several ways to skin the cat.

I just had a “vanishing act” on a folder a few hours ago. Nothing lost because of my auto backups but very strange. I posted it in detail here:

Thank you all for your responses. They have definitely helped me get up and running.