It wasn't Latte...

I recently started drinking cold Latte Macchiatos (well, little sips) and yesterday I purchased the Cappuccino because I wanted to try it and boyfriend likes them. He dropped buy, saw my Latte Macchiatos and very happily bounced to the fridge when I said I had the cappuccino version there.
He ripped it open and gulped half of it down.

Next followed some cursing and what not.

We checked the expiration date and it said ‘19.12.08’

And they don’t mean 2019…

Clearly I failed, should stick to the latte… (24.02.10 btw)

– new to this coffee business

and his he still alive?

I did something like this many many moons ago. In Australia in my childhood flavoured milk was a big business (and they were nice fresh tasting flavoured milks, not like that shit you get over here!).

One year a new “thick milkshake” drink was brought out, so we eagerly tried it. It was disgusting. It was overly thick, sorty of gloopy. I was sipping away at it, but just couldn’t stomache it. We went back to the cafeteria lady and said “these are awful, don’t buy anymore!”. At which point she sniffed it, then tipped it into a bowl where it glumped out with both thick and runny bits, looking like a picture of wrongness. Then she opened up a fresh bottle from a different batch and compared them. It was not thick at all, and tasted normal.

The one I’d been drinking was just off.

btw, I LOVE iced coffee, that’s another thing the brits just fail at.

These forums have gone to the dogs altogether!! First we had people eating cold custard on toast, and now weve people drinking cold coffee!! :open_mouth: Talk about jadedn` jaundiced palates ! jeezzz!!

Appalled of Stockport.

And in Australia we drink cold beer. :smiley:
Ahh, the good life. 8)

The brits don’t understand that concept!

Well, his cappuccino maker thing exploded (quite literally, unfortunately) and I found these drinks easier to stomach (haha, pun intended) cause they don’t need to be cold. Room temp is fine too…

Did I make it worse?


Is that btw a Westie in your icon?


  1. Add two sweeteners to a single shot of really strong espresso in a cup and stir to dissolve.

  2. Pour over ice in a high-ball glass or other tall tumbler - use a long-handled spoon to help dissipate the heat.

  3. Top up with semi-skimmed milk.

  4. Enjoy.

The sweeteners are important. Sugar is too cloying.

Sorry hugh, I think you missed part 1a, 2a.

1a. Open bottle of favorite whiskey.
2b. Remove espresso by pouring down drain while retaining ice. Refill with product opened in 1a.

Nahh. Thats nom! :smiley: He hasnt had a shave or haircut for seven years.

I am quite the expert at making iced coffee at home, but out and about, no chance.

Ah right, me neither:



Yeah! But you`re much prettier than he is :wink:

Oi Edna, that’s a bit harsh. You antipodeans may think you can teach us Brits a thing or two, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Jordan’s (at Marazion) double espresso drizzled into a tall glass primed with Roskilly’s clotted cream ice cream. Mmmn mmn… try putting THAT on your barbie!

Only Barbie!! why y` leaving Ken out? :open_mouth:

oh, I WANT to try that! Where can I try that?

Hop on 't train at Paddington and just go all the way kiddo. When you get to Penzance, stroll east along the sea front cycle path toward St Michael’s Mount. You’ll reach heaven… sorry, Jordan’s, just after the Old Station House at Marazion. It’s about a mile and a half from the Penzance terminus. Better yet, make it a highlight of a weekend break.

Last time I was down there it was a weekend break cycling about. It was bloody hilly. No-one warned me that there would be hills. Although there was this one hill…

sorry, inappropriate memory interlude.

Ah… yes… well… I quite understand. Cornwall is the south of England’s centre for inappropriate. In fact, only Stockport beats it in the entire UK. But Basildon does come in a credible third; I’m guessing it’s the white stilettos and Kama Sutra ankle tattoos.