IT would be nice

It would be nice that you could just drag word documents into it, I understand rtf, but regular word documents

This will be coming in the release version, so it will be added at some point over the next three or four months.

It also would be nice to have the programs create a synopsis for us. All my author friends hate making them.

I’m loving the program so far. The first thing I’ve come across that could use improvement, is the use of the tab key to move between the fields in the inspector. I should be able to type the title, then tab to the synopsis, and then on to options in the general area.

You can already do this. Open up the inspector with Ctrl-Shift-I. You’ll see an index card at the top (if not, uncollapse the Synopsis section). Now click the little icon to the right of the card that looks like a text document flowing into a card. This takes the first paragraph or so and dumps it into the card.

This should happen automatically when importing files—if it’s not, it simply hasn’t been coded in yet.

It would be nice to have a thing that says create mulitple folders, and/or also have it auto title them ch 1, ch2, ch 3… etc.

ALSO it would be nice to do that with document in it too. create multipal

I have a post that lists the features (obtained from Julia aka Mrs. Scrivener) that are planned but not yet in the beta. (As KB already replied, the original post mentions something that is planned for the final version.) … out-today/

Hope that helps list some of the

Oh hey!

Connects user name with blog post I read nearly instantly after the announcement. :slight_smile:

Well, I was a couple of minutes behind on my post… but I was too busy trying to get my download going :wink:

I keep wanting a way to view all of my projects in one folder within Scrivener itself, rather than my My documents folder (or wherever I ultimately get them to save to). Just being able to see a list view of my different binders/projects in one place would be great. Maybe there’s a way to do this already, but I haven’t seen anything obvious just looking through the various menus and clicking through likely places in the tutorial.

File -> Recent Projects will show you what you’ve recently worked on, which is pretty close for a good number of people out there. (“Recently” can end up being fairly far back, if you haven’t worked on many projects).

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but I think about the closest you’ll get outside of using Windows 7’s Libraries.

I would also like a plain outline more for fiction writing. and then to make it final in folders and scenes.

Like the outline view?

Select a folder in the tree on the left-hand side, and you should get a corkboard. In the middle of your toolbar at the top of your screen, the third button will switch you to an outline view. (The second is corkboard, the first is a combined text view).

And note that while the outliner comes positively loaded with columns, you can switch those off to make things quite minimal if you want.

SORRY, after I posted it I saw it, it could be easier to use though, or automatically set up outline format and the use of tab. SORT of like word

While Tab isn’t available, you can use Ctrl-Arrow keys to move items around. The advantage of this method is that you can move items up, down, promote, and demote all with one easy to remember combination.