Italic and bold not showing in MultiMarkdown Compile

I’m trying to compile some text for the MultiMarkdown format. Any text that I’ve italicized or bolded isn’t tagged in the output however. Headings are. I’ve searched the compile settings thoroughly but I can’t see anything that would prevent or allow italics and bold being tagged. Can anyone kindly help here?

Scrivener is an editor for writing with the MultiMarkdown system and contains integration for the production of MMD documents and derivative formats. You seem to be thinking of it as a MultiMarkdown generator, but you’re supposed to be tagging the text yourself as you write. There are a few points where it does generate some code, where it has special features on top of the RTF engine. Headings for example are a thing that the compiler generates already, and we aren’t really talking about converting WYSIWYG files to semantic markup at that point, we’re talking about a system that can insert “###” in front of some string you titled a folder as, in the binder.

Italics and bold, specifically, do have a manual conversion utility in the Format/Convert/ sub-menu. The results should be proofed because the WYSIWYG allows one to be quite sloppy with where formatting ranges start and stop, while semantic markup is generally strict. “This example” looks fine in a word processor, but “this* example*” is the converted result, and as you can see (I’m using MMD to convert this text to BBCode for the forum) it breaks.

Thank you for the explanation. “Format/Convert/Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax” seems to do it. However I figured I can convert RTF files to MD files with some Terminal magic using textutil and pandoc. It seems to produce clean results and I think I’ll be using that from now on.

Yeah, that works all right for the basics (granted I haven’t checked it in a long while, it may be better). We did look into using an approach along those lines a while back, but weren’t satisfied enough with the results to merit putting it in as an official method. Instead, Keith decided to write his own. So Scrivener will eventually allow you to work the way you were going for, and it will be fairly comprehensive in terms of what all can be converted.

Textutil and pandoc don’t work for me after all. Pandoc strangely adds line breaks for all lines in a paragraph. Plus some / between paragraphs. I’ll be using Scrivener after all. Looks like Scrivener doesn’t convert hyperlinks for markdown. Could this be possible in the future? A more comprehensive markdown compile would be appreciated!

I couldn’t go into specifics yet as this is all under development and things may change. Suffice to say we need the implementation to be pretty thorough for other reasons.