Italic and bold shortcut are grey

I just installed the new version of Scrivener (V3.1.4) and I can’t use my shortcut for bold and italic anymore. Even when I use the right clic they’re grey… Do you know why?

Could you share a little of your context and environment? What version of macOS do you use, does this happen with any font, or only some? I would also download a fresh copy and reinstall, to make sure nothing went strange with the automatic update (if that is how you got it).

I’m on Catalina since a few days.
Using Times News Roman. I can use the Italic and bold by clicking on the icon but not via the shortcuts (keyboard and right clic). I just did a fresh reinstall of Scrivener and even a reset of Scrivener preferences.

And it looks it does it on every fonts. Just found one works normally: “Adobe Arabic”.

That is odd, it’s a perfect description of the bug, as it behaved before it was patched over, in 3.1.4. Out of curiosity, if you download 3.1.3 from the release notes page and try with that (you can drag it to Downloads, rename it and then drag it into Applications, to avoid overwriting 3.1.4), does it work? It shouldn’t, but since your experience seems to be the opposite of what is normal, it’s maybe worth a check.

Unfortunately it looks like my Mac doesn’t want to open the 3.1.3… I dowloaded it twice and each time it says the file is probably damaged and can’t be opened.

By the way, another case popped up around the same time. I’d suggest continuing the discussion over here, so as to keep all notes on this issue together.

I can’t explain why the .zip for 3.1.3 doesn’t work for you. It runs just fine when I test the downloaded copy—but that’s a rather long shot anyway, I wouldn’t bother with it if it isn’t easy to check.