Italic as default text

Is there a way to have the italic variant of a font as the default for all notes, without having to choose it for each note?

All of the settings for new note defaults are found in Preferences, under the “New Notes” tab. Since there are no settings for italics specifically, what you could do is find a font that is designed as an italic font, and set that to your board default, in the Inspector under document settings.

Thanks Amber, I thought that might be the case. There doesn’t seem to be the option to choose the italic option for a particular font - is there a way to get that by any chance?

Yeah, that’s why I suggest using a font that simply is italic. Either find one you like and just download and install the italic part, or find a font on your system you don’t use a lot and disable the other variants in Font Book.

Excellent - that works! Thanks.