Italicized Text Reverted Back to Regular

Mac OS Big Sur 11.1
Scrivener 3.2.2

I had a Scrivener document that used a serif font in regular style for the most part. In key places, I had used the italic version of that font. That font is installed on my Mac. When I opened the document today after many months, every single place where the italic should have been reverted to the regular. Has anyone else seen this issue where something that was once italicized is no longer italicized?

Found a related issue: I created a blank document. One sentence has a font applied called Feijoa Medium. A second sentence has the same font. When I highlight the second sentence and click the Italic button, nothing happens. Command-I does nothing. Only by selecting the font style from the drop down changes it. But then if I press Command-I, it changes it to Bold. So something is definitely off.

Feijoa Medium and Feijoa Medium Italic are both installed on my machine.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.15.03 AM.png[/attachment]

Yes, I have already tried deleting Scrivener and re-installing a fresh downloaded copy. Same issue persists.



Some thoughts:

  1. In the toolbar where it says “medium”, there should (if installed and being read by Scrivener) be an option for “medium italic”. If missing, something is amiss. If there and selected, does it work as it should (instead of using the toolbar button or pressing CMD I for italics)?

  2. Does it work if you select a different font, just as a test?

  3. RTF is a pain. If a user changes a font face, there is no warning about any attributes that might be lost. As some fonts don’t have italic variants, it is so easy to lose all the italics in a file or manuscript (I have done this with 100,000-word draft). Know it doesn’t help you now, but writing in markdown means that such losses can’t ever happen. I have abandoned RTF (another grief inflicted upon the world by Microsoft) and styles. Better left to output and other tools, in my experience.

Happy New Year