Italics and other formatting issues in Compile

I believe I’ve seen this issue a few times in other posts, but I continue to be at a loss. I’m using Windows version, 3.0.1. Seemingly regardless of any compile options I select, italics and centered text are not preserved. I’ve attempted setting the section text formatting to “as is.” I’ve made sure that “override text” is not selected. I’ve tried several of the default compile formats, and compiled to doc, docx, and pdf. In all cases, any instance of centered text or italicized text loses its formatting. I’ve even tried making a special style for Italic and/or centered text and the compile still throws it away. This was not an issue prior to upgrading to version 3.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

A brief addition.

It seems like using a “Style” is what was causing the problem. I deleted the style I was using and tried it again and it worked fine. Is there a guide on the proper way to use Styles such that they don’t screw up compile?

When you create a style in the editor, if you want the compile to do something different with it, you need to define it in your compile format as well. This tells the compiler “don’t treat this the same as other text.”

See section 24.4 in the manual, which you can access by pressing F1 in Scrivener – it will open up the PDF version of the manual.

Read way more than I wanted to of the manual, added my styles to the compile settings, and still, it won’t export italics to a docx.

I don’t want it to “do anything different with it,” I want it to keep the formatting.

I’m not sure if this will help anyone, but I was struggling with this in the new Windows v.3 and finally figured out how to fix this for myself.

I use italics within my manuscripts for certain words or phrases. I did set up a new paragraph style within the writing window and have a custom compile format I’ve set up with separators and all the stuff I wanted. Everything worked for me except for italics. Those were all lost during the compiling process (but had always worked without issue in the prior version).

I was able to finally correct this by changing my process.
Rather than select the text and click the “I” button for Italics, I actually now have to select “Emphasis” from the Style pulldown menu. That applies the character level formatting to the text and that is retained during the compiling process for me.

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I’m glad I found your response to this topic, I was ready to pull my hair out trying to fix this very same issue. It works… but frankly, this shouldn’t need a workaround.

This is a programmatic problem within the software. If using the “i” button for italics doesn’t work for anything other than basically a view in the editor window, then it is not a validly functional part of the program. And setting italics should be a default – very basic – part of any word-processing style program.

As someone who uses keyboard shortcuts for speed/efficiency when writing and using CTRL+I (essentially the same as the “i” italics button) - this completely negates using that function.

Is there no actual fix for this? I don’t want to stop using Scrivener, but I already use a separate program for handling my novel formatting since I can’t seem to get Scrivener to consistently handle the custom formatting I do… but if I now have to fight with simple italics, another program might end up being a better alternative. :frowning:

I noticed the OP refers to 3.0.1, has anyone tried reproducing this problem in the latest version? The bug that was causing this should have been fixed, and if it’s not, I’m not trying the right things in order to see it. All I did was paste some junk text into a blank project starter, set one paragraph to Block Quote, and then set half of that to italics. It came out just as expected.