Italics bug

There is a small bug with the italics formatting on the Windows version of Scrivener.

For example, press ctrl+i, type a couple words, press ctrl+i again to stop using italics and continue writing. If you press backspace right until the italics (but do not delete any italic letters), it brings you back in italic mode. You have to deactivate it again to go back to roman character. It doesn’t do that in the Mac version.



Just a friendly bi-monthly bump. :slight_smile:

I believe this is just a platform difference, and maybe not even that—it could be there genuinely is no standard behaviour here. If you try this same action in Word for Windows, you’ll find it works the same was as in Scrivener for Windows.

Actually, no, it doesn’t—and that is why I found it so confusing at first. Got used to it by now, so I re-deactivate italics whenever I delete something close to something italicized.

I’m not sure what version of Word you are using, but I got Office Pro Plus 2010 it’s treating this situation exactly like Scrivener on Mac. (ie. when you press backspace until you get the cursor next to the very last italicized character, it won’t go back to italic mode. If I delete one more (italicized) character, though, it will.)

Of course this is nothing dramatic, but still I can’t find a single reason why you would prefer to keep it as it is.

Thanks for the reply, though.