Italics changing to underline

When I compile my nonfiction Scrivener document as either a Word document or RTF, all the italicized text is underlined instead in the compiled version. Why is that? How can I fix it so that italicized text in my original appears the same way in the compiled version?

There is a checkbox setting in the Compile dialog box specifically for coverting italics to underline. First thing I would do is check to see if that is switched on. I am in transit, so I can’t look to see what subpanel of the Compile dialog box contains this setting.


It’s right on the top level in summary mode (and in the Transformations option pane otherwise):

gr and AmberV,

Thank you for your help. I was able to fix the problem.


This option is no longer available in version three compile. Where do I turn off underlining my italics in version three of this app?

Some compilation formats have this setting on by default, but you can change it by editing that format.

In compilation, right-click on the compilation format and choose either Edit or Duplicate and Edit. Then click on ‘Transformations’ and untick ‘Convert italics to underlines’.