Italics disappear when compiling to .mobi. ARgh!

I’ve searched the forum fruitlessly for an answer to this question.

I’ve written my novel in scrivener, actually copy/pasting over from Word. I can see certain sentences italicized on my screen, but when I compile them into a .mobi doc, all the italics disappear. I’m going nuts!!! Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? :frowning: :frowning:

Check the font you’re using for the text in the Formatting area of Compile. If the font doesn’t support italics (e.g. Lucida Grande) then they’ll end up getting stripped out. (This is true for ebooks even though the specific font chosen in compile isn’t necessarily what you get on the ereader itself.) Try setting it to something like Times New Roman–you’ll end up with the same font on the reader, since it only has two options (something like “regular” and “monospace” :wink:) but it will preserve your character formatting.

Okay, thank you for your response. I went ahead and in Compile changed all the font to Times New Roman, at all levels, and still, no italics when compiling to .mobi. Any other suggestions? I’m so bummed right now because I so badly want to use this program to upload my books, but I keep having to go back to Word and do it because of this italics issue.

Wow. Now I’m ready to throw my computer out the window.

I re-imported my entire Word file. I reformatted the whole thing, splitting out hundreds of pages into individual chapters - my thought process being that maybe I did something wrong last time. I was so sure this would work.

I compiled. I changed formats to use Times New Roman.

I went back to the file, and ALL THE ITALICS WERE NOW GONE in the manuscript. Not just in the compile, but the whole damn file. I cannot go back through that thing again.

An anyone help? Why do my italics keep being erased by Scrivener?