Italics lost in footnotes after compile

Hi, after the new update (, when I compile my project into a DOC or RTF format all the italics from the footnotes (and ONLY from the footnotes) disappears. The main text is fine, but the footnotes are all and only plain text. Is this a known problem? Can I fix it?

Thanks a lot!

A few extra info: the footnotes are inline footnotes in my Scrivener project. I’m using Word 2007 to open the compiled files.

I don’t have Word 2007 to test with, but this seems to be working correctly when I compile to RTF and open in Word 2010. What compile settings do you have for the Footnotes/Comments and the Formatting tabs in Compile–are you overriding formatting with a font that doesn’t support italics, for instance? (Seems unlikely, but worth a check.) Do you have another program installed that you could use to open the compiled document and check the footnotes in, or could you post a sample document here so I can check it out?

Hi MM thanks for your reply. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘compile settings’. All I do is give the compile command and select the standard ‘Times 12pt with Bold Folder Titles’ and ‘Word Document (.doc)’, as I’ve always done. I tried to compile in rtf too but no help. Unfortunately no, Word is the only word processor I’ve got. How would you like me to post a sample?


Thanks, I’m able to see it now, so the sample file isn’t necessary. It appears to be caused by overriding the main text formatting, and it’s only affecting inline footnotes. My temporary solution for you therefore is to use Format > Convert > Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes for your files and then compile or to disable the “Override text and notes formatting” checkbox in the Formatting tab of Compile (visible if you click the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As drop-down menu) and then reformat the text in Word after compiling. Which option is easier depends probably on how many documents with footnotes you have (the Convert command needs to be used per-document) and how much you’re letting compile clean up the formatting or what you’re adding. Titles and so forth will still be added and formatted as before; it’s just the main text that you see in the editor which would come out as you see it in the editor rather than cleaned up to TNR with double spacing and the .5" indentation. If it all uses the same formatting in the editor, though, it probably shouldn’t be too hard to find/replace that particular formatting in Word for whatever you really want.

Actually…it’s way more weirdly complicated than that, which at least is gratifying in that I was sure I had tested with overriding formatting the first time. So it seems to have to do with overriding and changing certain formatting all together. I need to spend a little more time on this to unravel it, but I just wanted to post an amendment here since it may be doable to compile with the footnote formatting intact without doing either of the above methods, by redoing compile settings. I just don’t know yet exactly how. :wink:

Thanks MM, no rush. For now I’ve just manually fixed the problem in the compiled document that I needed ready immediately. Now I can wait until a fix is found to compile the whole thing.