Italics lost when converting to default formatting

I’m encountering a strange issue with Screvener on iOS 11 betas 6 and 7.

Sometimes, when I import an RTF file, selecting all the text and converting it to default formatting will (again, sometimes) remove italics, but only from some sentences. Others will be fine. This most often happens with sentences at the end of the file, but it isn’t limited to them. Other times, importing and converting formatting works just fine, so there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme nor reason to it.

I am willing to email a copy of the file in question, should it be desired.

Here are some screenshots to help illustrate. The first is before conversion, the second after.

This bug does not happen on macOS High Sierra beta.


Sorry for the late reply - I was on holiday for the last two weeks of August. Yes, please send us a file that demonstrates the problem.

However, please note that Scrivener currently has serious problems on iOS 11. Apple has completely broken the iOS text system so that all formatting is seriously messed up, although I don’t think that would affect this. UITextView on iOS 11 currently resets the typing attributes to the formatting of the first character of the document every time you type. So, if you change text to italics and then type, the next letter you type after the italicised text gets reset back to the formatting from the beginning of the text. It’s a major and very silly bug and I really hope Apple fixes it for the iOS 11 release otherwise we have some serious problems, as it’s not the sort of thing I can work around easily.

Thanks and all the best,