Italics Not Carrying Into Compile

I’m working on my first work on Scrivener and am trying to sort out Compile settings before getting too deep into it (in case Scrivener doesn’t suit my needs), and I’ve encountered a problem with my italics. I have italics throughout my WIP, signifying flashbacks and also for emphasis. Whenever I compile, no italics appear.

Note: The italics aren’t being turned into underlines. They’re being turned into plain text. Marking “Convert italics to underlines” doesn’t make underlines appear, and unmarking it doesn’t make italics appear. It always just looks like there’s no text editing at all.

What format are you compiling to? Do you see the same result across other formats?


Also check the font you’re compiling the text into. Not every font has italics avaliable to it, and so converting the text to that font will in effect strip that formatting.

I’m currently trying to compile to paperback, but any other formats also remove italics (I’ve tried both Manuscript Courier and Manuscript Times, as well as Modern). As for the fonts, I’m just using the base fonts in the original Scrivener compile formats (so Palatino for paperback, which I know has italics because it’s the same font I use in editing).

Are you using styles?

No, everything is in “No Style.” I did test making italicized paragraphs in a style, and that’s the only time the italics remained (as did the incorrect font associated with the style).