Italics: persists beyond selected phrase:: By design?

I select a letter/word/phrase, press control-i, the letter/word/phrase is changed to italic,. All good.

I then start typing after the letter/ word/phrase and the letters are italicized. This does not make me feel better.

Changing the appearance of a selected letter/word/phrase should ONLY change the selection.

This does not happen in Word, and WordPerfect.

I think, it should not happen in Scrivener… Who’s with me?

It is not true. Just open Word, or LibreOffice, type a phrase, make it italicized, and continue typing right after it—the text will be italics. It’s just common practice in word processors.

I tested before posting. And now again.

You are correct IF::::: typing starts before an existing space. But after an existing space, it does not.

Even this should not occur. The modification of selected text should only pertain to the selected text, not to any characters following.

I am afraid you are not quite correct once again. Why do you think that ‘modification of selected text pertains to the following characters’? All the matter is about formatting of the new character next to the modified one. Right after modification, you have a modified (e.g. italic) character and your cursor next to it. You start typing, and your next (new) character (or space, it doesn’t matter) has got the same (modified) formatting (until you change it back). Frankly, I see no problem in such behaviour.

I’m with Biblioman here. It’s the standard practice in Word and Libreoffice Writer. And that’s not only with italics, its the same with BOLD and other font effects and even with changing the font if you just continue with typing on the same line.

The simplest way out of this, for me, is to carry on with a bit more typing and then stop and go back to change the format.