Italics small after compiling


I’m brand new to Scrivener, two days into my trial period. So far, everything is fantastic, it’s really helping my workflow and I love the way it helps me knit everything together.

One problem though. I have a few bits of text in italics. I want to keep the italics, so in the editor I have selected ‘Preserve Formatting’. Sure enough, when compiling, the required text is italicised, but it appears much smaller than the other text. See the screenshot for what I mean.

My main text is Times New Roman (12) in the editor, and according to Scrivener so is the italic text, so I think something must be happening at the point of compiling. I’ve already unticked ‘Convert italics to underlines’ in the Compile > Transformations window. Any ideas what I’m missing?

Worked this out myself, I realised I was changing the font size during the compile process, but as the italicised text was preserving formatting, this was keeping the size from the editor.

Phew, lots to learn!