Italics to underlines doesn't work when compiling to docx

Version: (2073405) 64-bit - 06 Jul 2023
When compiling to docx, italics → underlines doesn’t work. Yep, that old chestnut. This bug is occurs when the italicised text is unstyled and using the transformations option, as well as when the text is styled and that style converts the italics to underlines. Strangely, it works fine when outputting to odt.

Weird, huh?


Have you looked up the existing thread on this, to see if that explains what you are seeing?

For me there is no issue with this setting, regardless of what file format I convert to (or not convert, in the case of RTF). Here is what an italic paragraph looks like in the test file’s XML:

		<w:rFonts w:ascii="Sitka Text" w:cs="Sitka Text" w:hAnsi="Sitka Text"/>
		<w:b w:val="0"/>
		<w:i w:val="0"/>
		<w:u w:color="auto" w:val="single"/>
	<w:t xml:space="preserve">Re teng thung; kurnap fli rintax ti nalista gra athran epp. Er lamax berot cree dri. La, morvit urfa quolt... er prinquis, pank obrikt quolt gen ma dri tharn athran relnag xi erc wex velar. Thung ik la flim urfa su ewayf thung. Berot wynlarce </w:t>

The underlining code, <w:u> is set to “single”, so it is there, just perhaps not being read properly by the program you are using to read it. In my testing, LibreOffice does not treat the automatic colour settings on underlines well. It is underlined, but in white.

Can you confirm if you are using LibreOffice? If so this is not a Scrivener bug.


It appears I somehow managed to search all around the existing thread. Strangely, I ended up with lots of stuff from 2011-12.

Yes, I was using Libreoffice. Is there any indication as to why the underlining is being set to white when outputting from Scrivener? I just tested importing a docx from 365 and underlining works fine.

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I couldn’t really explain why any of this works the way it does, or does not work. This is an age-old problem of different converters and word processors not all saying the same thing the same way.

Overall though it seems like a small problem to me, unless I am missing something. If you are using LibreOffice, then why use .docx, if .odt works fine, in other words? Or if that isn’t as good, why not use .rtf which involves no conversion on export, and is true to the source as you’ll ever get?

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