Hi, I have a question concerning lost italics when formatting in Scrivener.
I went through all my chapters and scenes formatting them to my new “Body” settings. I did this a few days ago and only just spotted it removed all italics. I checked my backups, but I don’t have any dating back to before this mistake. I’m guessing the answer is no, but is there an easy way to get back all my italic words?
I reformatted around 50,000 words, and it’ll be a pain finding and redoing all the italics manually.
By the way, maybe it should warn you that italics will be lost when applying formatting to the text.

How did you go about the reformatting? Did you use a preset? I don’t do much with them, but I note that in the user manual (around p. 162) there is an indication that in creating a formatting preset you can choose whether it will affect character attributes (including italics), paragraph styles (e.g., indentation), or both. I wonder if you perhaps instructed the preset (if that’s what you used) to include character attributes, and those attributes had only normal, not italic, text. Applying that would presumably set all text to normal, non-italic.

It’s a long shot, but have you tried doing a simple Undo (Ctrl+Z) on the reformatted material? Scrivener sometimes has a pretty amazing memory for this function. Wish I could offer something more encouraging!

I used the Body presets but modified to suit my own needs. When I created the preset I selected ‘save all formatting,’ thinking it would save italics. I didn’t notice till days later that it hadn’t. I just tried your suggestion of ‘save font attributes,’ but that doesn’t save italics, either. Looks like I’ll have to go through the whole manuscript and redo the italics myself. To me, this is a pretty bad oversight on the software creators part. Italics are important in fiction and it should be easy to preserve them when doing simple formatting.

Thanks for the advice, though. Much appreciated.

It does seem that it should be very clear, in the dialog or with some popup help, what is being set and what is being left as is by a formatting preset. Hopefully someone more familiar with them may chime in. I don’t envy you the grind of going back through and re-italicizing.