Itallics not carrying over from Scrivener to Word export

Hi all,

I recently turned in my graduate thesis, a novel written in Scrivener. I spot-checked the first chapter to make sure the export had brought over the italics, and it had. I turned it in. I later discovered that 2/3 of the italics in the subsequent chapters had NOT carried over through the export. I emailed my thesis committee, mortified, to tell them that every time a character seems to be thinking or dreaming, there should be italics. UGH.

Has anyone had this problem, and if so, were you able to fix it? What puzzles me most is that some of the italicized words did retain their italics, and others did not.

–Dismayed Grad Student

Hmm. I can’t speak to the underlying issue, which may be user error or bug. However, I am astounded that you submitted a grad thesis without a full copy edit.

Did you change the font in the output document, using either the Compile -> Formatting pane or the Quick Font Override?

If so, are the sections that changed at a different outline level from the ones that didn’t?