Items in Compile uncheck

I have a project with 7100 documents. When I compile, in the last hundred, but not before, one item (not a specific, repeatable one) is unchecked having been checked to be included in compile.

I also have a project with 300 documents. The same behavior occurs.

This behavior does not appear to occur below 300.

What to do?

So, just to clarify, you view the list of documents in the Compile window and all of them are checked. But when you compile is one omitted and marked as unchecked when you look at the list again. Or is it included in the compiled file but just unchecked when you look at the list again?

Does the file format you are compiling to make any difference? Which versions of Scrivener and macOS are you using?

I’m using v. 3.2.2.I’m on Big Sur, but the issue goes back to Scriv. v2.

When I choose to compile the screen looks as it does in the image. It should be that all items are selected because I selected them, but they are not selected when I leave Compile and then return to it.

OK, but are the documents that get unchecked actually included in the compile?

I suggest you capture a video of it happening with one of your projects with the large number of documents and then send that to with full details of the issue.