items not visible on 'go to' menu

Here’s a small GUI issue.

…so far so good. But when I go to the next level to open a file in section 3, then this is what I see:

There are some 50 items in this folder, most of which are not visible on my screen, and so not selectable. Perhaps the issue is that the column width of the drop-down is the width of the longest item name. Anyway, as it stands it means that this Go To menu item is not usable.

I think this is a width issue, there is a known bug where the menu can malfunction if there are really long names in the list. Shortening the long titles should clear it up, if that is possible to do. What we’ll be doing to fix this is adding a check to the menu generation so that if there are long titles, it will automatically truncate the display of them for you with an ellipses.