iText Express/Pro

A very nice little cocoa app that improves mightily on the Mac’s TextEdit. Nifty & useful… … xtExp.html

That webpage makes me want to burn the internet.


I’m with you cruxdestruct. It is appalling. Their home page is just as bad.


PS: The app is as katzenjammer says. It’s OK.

eee gads! Yeah, I should have warned you. Didn’t mean to offend thy fine sensabilities :wink:

anyway, IMO the app is useful and worth checking out :slight_smile:

My first thought when I saw the homepage was that it must have been designed by (or for) a Japanese girl. The colors, the grammar, etc.

Then, I saw she’s called Yumi. Bingo! She’s just trying to be cute.

So - it’s just a cultural thing.

Yeah, the web site is ghastly, I agree.

So what about the program? I’ve been checking it out and it seems it might be pretty effective for polishing up something from Scr. that doesn’t require footnotes. While it will do footnoting if you write in it, which is pretty handy, it doesn’t seem to pick them up when I export something out of Scr. Scr. exports with footnoting work well with Mellel and Word, but iText Express doesn’t pick up the footnoting properly. If I export as RTFD via Export Files, I get some of my footnotes, but not as proper footnotes (as bracketed items within body of text). If I Export Draft, I get all the footnotes as bracketed items, but I lose my font preference.

However, at first glance, I actually like this little program. For a good deal of the polishing up I do (where I need proper headers/footers and the like but have no footnotes), it could work very well. I’ll have to give it a go and see how it works.

Thanks for suggesting it.

I found a new version of iText Express (3.0) that is a universal binary with added features here:

The page is in Japanese; the download link ends with the English text ‘iText Express 3.0.dmg’

There is no download page in English for version 3.0, which is why I think many are not aware of this (the new version was released back in December 2007). The app’s menus are in English.

There is even a ‘Pro’ version, which is not free, on the disk image.

I checked and the app still saves footnotes, etc. to a resource fork, something I hoped the programmer would get away from. Otherwise it’s quite neat.


How is it that the Japanese of Zen and their marvellous temples became the Japanese of Hello Kitty? I just got an Excel spreadsheet from a Japanese company that is dressed up with the same garish colours as the Lightway website. I suppose environment shapes sensibility. Having recently seen Shinjuku at night, I began to understand why so much of modern Japanese design offends my farm-bred aesthetic.

I used this briefly before Bean came along. Haven’t had time for a true test run of the new version, but I already see that it appears to lack a live word count, not to mention some of Bean’s other cool features, so I’ll stick with Bean as my free word thingy.