iToys Are Not Me

There are some (I have no idea how many, but suspect I cannot be the only one) for whom the whole iPod/iPad/iPlate/iSlab discussion not only is meaningless, but actually is irrelevant. Not to doubt or discredit anyone’s reliance on or affection for such devices, but to explain, if not justify, my occasional grouchy comments in other discussions, here is my (our?) situation.

The great bulk of my work is done at my desk on an iMac.

I use my cell phone as a telephone. I do not want it to take pictures, play music, find landmarks, or solve quadratic equations. Or write poetry.

When I leave the house, I take a notebook and a pen. Any place I cannot use them is a place where I cannot write comfortably or easily, and do not try.

When I return, I copy (and edit; scribbled notes are always rough draft) into the iMac.

I do not urge my atavistic behavior on others. I don’t even recommend it; if you don’t already work this way, you won’t want to try. But it keeps me (relatively) happy and productive. And it greatly simplifies air travel.


Below is where I met the Squirel, the Crow and the Magpies. I was sat on a bench, with pen and notebook in hand :wink:

Not necessarily. I used to do a lot of travelling by air, and I was well-known amongst family, friends and acquaintances for loading my luggage up with books - to the point where the additional weight threatened to cost me more than the books themselves.

I’m not certain that I — or readers like me — will do that in the future.


P.S. Once I was in an airport bookshop doing my usual post check-in, pre-boarding load-up of the hand luggage, when I turned round to see Sammy Davis Jnr next to me doing exactly the same thing. By my count, he bought fifteen books.

P.P.S. Very nice, Vic. Where?

Hugh: It greatly simplifies air travel for me. I always have one book only, the reading of which will take longer than the flight. When I land, it has always so far been in a place where more books are available.



A man might lug an iMac around; it’s a chore, but the rewards outweigh the, well, the weight of it. But simultaneously controlling 30m of extension cable: I am in awe.
Sorry I didn’t mention it before.


Add me to the neo-luddite list. I have an iPod Touch, but I use it for music and maybe to read the occasional e-mail. I tried writing on it for a while with WriteRoom, but I find no clear advantage to typing on a small keyboard. I can write faster, and rather enjoy the transcription process, it’s when I do some editing too. In the winter, I don’t really have to worry too much about sprinkles of rain or in the summer, wind kicking up dust.

Vic-K, your writing spot looks quite a bit like one of mine. :slight_smile:

Lucky thing Vic had that rock and cave wall to create that photo he sent.

Are you preparing for a workout? Do I sense a set up coming?

Keep in mind that your suggestion of Mr K as a caveman does have a tinge of truth; is he not a self described “hairy-arsed welder”?

You know me too well, Jaysen (how unfortunate for you). :slight_smile:

It wasn’t a set up as much as it was a post in support of Vic’s witty parody of a luddite comment posted on an internet forum dedicated to a piece of software. The digital photo of the place you go to be away from technology… priceless!

Sidebar: If Vic is indeed a caveman, that explains why every cave I’ve ever visited is littered with empties. … walter.jpg
Its a Memorial Park in honour of a man called Walter Stansby. Its situated at one end of what I call my village: Gatley, in the Principality of Stockport, at the posh end of the Cheshire Plain.

On my daily forage for Lifes imperatives, Ill walk through it at least once a day. Depending on how many times I forget what the bloody `ell I went out for in the first place, I could walk through it three time. A common occurrence, believe me.

At the time I referred to above, I was transcribing facts and figures, from a copy of, ‘Railway Navvies’, by Terry Coleman. You probably know him, or know of him. He wrote the book, while working nights, subbing at the Guardian, in 65 when it was on Cross Street with the MEN.

To be honest with y, I was more enthralled with the activities of the fauna, than I was with the process of researching. The experience etched itself onto my memory. So much so, I unashamedly included it in the Od(d)ysey, (the completed version of my hi-jacking of, lofts thread, ‘Anyone from London? I’m looking for a good coffee house…’
Phils read it and quotes from it above. Its far easier to eulogise the physical facets of these kinds of experiences, than emotional impact upon you at the time. It like sinking into a hot foamy bath after a days hard slog.

The park looks more impressive in the photo, than it is in reality. But with the added attraction of the antics of the wildlife, it`s a pleasant enough oasis, for a 15min chill-out. :smiley:

Edited in favour of more edifying content: … re=related

Mmmmwah. :smiley:

(Hmmm. Do I taste Jameson?)

I am not sure I like where this is going.

Edited in favour of more edifying content … re=related

How did Jaysen get credit for that quote!?!

I did the work, I get the line.

Now I really don’t like where this is going.

It`s a, god, thing