Its Bugging Me

having downloaded and paid for scrivener 2 I do get irritated when faced with the placard that tells me program will vanish into thin air after the SnOdGrAss conference. Having paid for the thing I would like to be treated with a little more respect - can you please tell me how to make the notice go away.

Where did you download Scrivener? From the main page? If you are using the NaNo version, that was a special preview and doesn’t accept registration info, so make sure you download the version from the main site. Then enter your registration details.

I certainly don’t intend you to be feeling “disrespected”, but when you bought you should have received an e-mail with clear instructions on how to download, install and register. If you didn’t receive the e-mail, or if you have problems registering, we always do our best to help.