It's coming up on a month -- Any news?

I’m not asking for a new release or anything, just…How’s it going?

I was just coming over to look for news myself, so I’ll jump on your thread.

Less than a week now till my Scrivener stops working. Please tell me something new will be ready before then!

New one should be out a couple days before the 30th. I posted in the Known Bugs thread some of the fixes that will be coming with it, and we’ll have a full report when Lee posts the new beta.

W00T! :smiley: Umm, yes.

Dear MM,

when opening Scrivener the pop-up today says that Scrivener will stopp after 2 days of use or after the 30th June. I never looked directly at the pop-up that I didn´t notice the two options before. Now I´m puzzled, will it stopp working in two days or only after the 30th June?


You’ll be able to reset the trial once you hit 30 days, so the beta won’t really expire until the 30th. The trial code’s just in there so Lee can test it out and we can make sure it’s not causing any bugs–better to throw it in early and have to deal with the reset than to not add it until the official release and discover a problem with it!

Thanks MM :smiley:

Dear MM,

not sure, whether you need the information or not, just wanted to let you know, that resetting the trial worked right :slight_smile:. The were no problems at all :smiley: .