iTunes publishing errors with Pronoun?

Hey friends.

Some of my writer buddies have been creating a cult around how much they enjoy using Pronoun ( - it’s like D2D and other aggregator/publishers), and suggested I give it a try to get into Barnes & Noble (as the Nook thing won’t work from New Zealand, where I live).

I tried to upload one of my manuscripts into the system, and got a weird error:
“Your epub opf does not contain iTunesArtwork.”


Why is this weird?

  1. I don’t want Pronoun to put on iTunes, as I’ve already done that with Producer :slight_smile: Having already unchecked that box though leaves a more annoying problem:
  2. The file works just fine with iTunes, because (as noted above) I’ve already published it.

All I can assume is that their robot is in some way broken. I’m wondering if anyone’s seen this before and has advice on how I might get Scriv to convince them to let me through (…or whether there’s a piece of the EPUB file I could edit manually…). Any advice and thoughts is appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: Their error message page is useless.

Well you can add that file in the Cover compile option pane, there is a checkbox for adding an iBooks thumbnail. It is odd they want that though since that file technically breaks ePub specifications and shouldn’t even be used with Producer.

Have you tried a test file (not one of your existing works already published to iTunes) containing the file in question, just to see if for some dumb reason the validation has no clue that you’re not going to push to iTunes? Might be the easiest workaround if that’s the case.

How exciting :slight_smile: It turns out a) I didn’t know about this but b) I’d already had it checked. I suppose I could uncheck it and see what happens. Although I’m a bit worried about playing whack-a-mole with the compilation of this for Pronoun; it could be time consuming and lead me to hard liquor. I’ll think on it. Thanks for the idea.

It is currently before-coffee so sorry for not catching on to this … do you mean take a dummy file (“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains”) and upload that for full production to see if it works? That is, to test whether or not the validation is panicking about their already being an iTunes version?

Yes, exactly.

Cool I’ll give it a whirl.

Side note; had a reply back from Pronoun today, who need to investigate further. They aren’t quite sure what’s up, but I like that they’re looking into it.