I've got scriv v. 3.02 - any upgrades for iOS available?

I’ve had it for years and it’s always worked until a recent new logic board installed on my MacBook Air (which is also an older model, but not as old as my Scriv.) I have TONS of files I’ve made in Scriv and I’m ho[ing there’s a simple (and not too expensive) upgrade available so I don’t lose them all. Right now, I keep having to let it re-sort (? or something?) all my Scriv files before it will load; it lets me create new folders and files in the folders, but when I type “7” to start today’s date it throws me back out of Scrivener.

Buy Scrivener: Purchase licensing for Scrivener on macOS, Windows and iOS.

Upgrade pricing info here.

Current version of MacOS desktop is 3.3.6. iOS is 1.2.4.

Info for iOS here. Not sure what, if any, the upgrade price is.

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Thank you! I’ll check it out.

That did it! Got the update downloaded. Thanks again!

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