I've lost my notes

what I wrote on my iPad within four hours is complicity gone. After complete sinking from my iPad, I checked my file on my computer, unfortunately, my text is disappeared. I checked again my iPad after the complete sinking and then asked me to sync again. I synced but my text is not there!!! so sad. Is there anything I can do?


Check your backups?

I don’t think on iPad Scrivener backups. All it does sync with Dropbox. Am I right?
I’ve seen a few times problems on Scrivener. Scrivener’s buttons sometimes don’t work. especially when you open another app besides it. And I think it was Scrivener app problem that deleted my notes.
Now I’m not sure if I have lost some other information so far without noticing. I always switch from Mac to iPad, iPad to iPhone and iPad to Mac. but I always make sure that sync has completed.

Your Mac has backups of what was on it before your problem started.

If your iPad said it had synced it had synced to the DB server.
If the project on your Mac didn’t look the sa,’me, you most likely opened the project before it had downloaded changes from the DB server. If you then handled the project on your Mac. Opening various documents and looking at them, there is a risk that your incomplete project on your Mac was uploaded to the DB server, overwriting what the iPad had uploaded.

But… are you sure it’s gone? Sometimes people have clicked on the editor on the Mac to only show one document, not including subdocuments, and sometimes people write in the folder document, which is not as easy to show the content of on the iPad.