I've lost my serial number

Hi, don’t know whether this can be solved. I’m looking to format my HD and install Leopard nice and fresh. Once I’ve done that, I’d like to reinstall Scrivener. Foolishly, I seem to have lost the serial number. Is there anyway of retrieving it with the email I used to purchase Scrivener?


You just have to e-mail me at any of the addresses provided on the About page. I have a big database of names, e-mails and serial numbers, so it is very easy for me to send you your serial number if you’ve lost it, don’t worry.


Thanks for the quick response! I wasn’t expecting one at this time in the morning! :smiley:

what youve obviously, so far, failed to realised, is: Youll get a response at anytime, from Capn Blount, because hes a teacher amongst other things. As a teacher he has access to an unlimited supply of geeky kids, whos first language is machine code or binary and who, for a couple of quid(£2 ) a week will take it in turns to man the Capn`s Mac and answer any questions for him.


lol at vic. :slight_smile:

I got the email. Thanks for the quick response, KB.