I've switched from Ullysses

This program has everything in one place. I was using Supernotecard to plan and Ullysses to write in. Ullysses is a programmers tool (they refuse to implement hierarchical folders), Scrivener is obviously designed by a writer

I was watching this for ages and then abandoned it but just come back to it and wow, it has come on since I last looked!

Just started my 3rd book in it and loving it - bought a licence within a couple of days of the trial.

Keep up the good work.

Welcome to the club. We have a number of former Ulysses users, as well as some who use both, on the forum – myself included. So if you ever have any questions about how to port processes from one to the other, feel free to ask away.

Hi Tripper, and welcome aboard! Glad you like Scrivener. I haven’t got a bad word to say about Ulysses (it’s a great app), but I one of the reasons I wrote Scrivener was that I needed hierarchical outlining for my own way of working - so I’m pleased it suits others too.

If you have any questions - as Amber says - ask away. Amber is the expert in getting things moved between the two programs.

All the best,