I've wasted too much time looking at the new macbooks

I’ve fervently followed the release of the new machines and read countless comments from slavering fan boys and nay sayers, and even looked at the pictures of some clever people taking their new machines apart, like some hyper electro pornography, and now I feel quite dirty and rather ashamed - and this is my confession - as I should have been doing 100 more important things.

That’s not wasted time.

I installed a Google homepage over the weekend and wasted hours upon hours playing Tetris clones…

That’s wasted time.

I wasted several hours perusing election projections based on statistics, when all I have is the one vote I already know which way I’ll cast.

Oh, I almost forgot, you in the USA are having a vote in a couple of weeks. What a mess. Good luck & good voting, I do have some time to waste right now…

One would hope that luck would have little to do with an election, but with a country that has elected Bush twice, and a clone all ready for a third term, this time it looks like “luck” did have a play. We’ll see, but the world’s banking system going to rot generally give the non-Bush party a huge boost.

But today, I intend to check out some Macbooks. :slight_smile:

I got a brand new MacBook last month. I love it. I was so happy. :laughing: Then…within a month they came out with these new MacBooks. My new MacBook is already obsolete. Now I’m sad. :frowning:

Scrivener works so great on this MacBook. :smiley: It would work even better on a new one. :angry:

That is my life at this moment. Happy…and sad…


Try to not feel too sad. Yes, the new ones are pretty spiffy, but I thought the keyboard was way too “soft”. It didn’t really have any kind of click to it, which is weird for a laptop. I suppose one would get used to it, but it seemed like typo-heaven for the few paragraphs I tried out on it. There just isn’t a good tactile sense of when the keystroke is finished. Contrast with the older MacBook keyboard (which I also have), it’s pretty dismal for writing. That keyboard has a nearly perfect touch (to my taste, anyway).

The mouse, on the other hand, that is very nice. I wish I could have that huge gesture-ific touch pad on my current clicky keyboard MacBook.

Interesting. I have one of the new Macbooks. Picked it up last weekend and I love it! The keyboard, I think, is wonderful. The trackpad, however, I am still trying to get used to. I find it a little sluggish. One disappointment I have found - the new Macbook does not seem to improve my writing quality or quantity. Hmmm… Old or new, it’s still about the basics - butt in chair and hands on keys.

I tried one of the new macbook pros out the other day and I thought it was pretty cool - very fast and nicely put together. The display is really too. And the faster graphics processor and slightly bigger display will help with using scrivener as I have illustrations to work with alongside text. So I am getting one at the end of the month.

Gonna be fun, I hope…

What you are really going to love is the backlit LED screen. That sold it for me. It’s incredible! Enjoy yours!

There’s always going to be a nicer mac coming out right after you purchase one. Mac users have to accept that. It’s a fact of life. I buy one when I can afford to and try to stop listening for a while, though I did defer my most recent purchase until the Intel iMacs were available.