iWork and Scrivener

Having done a search for “iWork AND Scrivener”, coming up empty I’m assuming no one works with both. Is it possible? What hoops are necessary?

I’m currently exporting to MS Word and it works beautifully. However I’m impressed with some of the reviews of iWork 08 and am considering switching.

Bad idea? Any comments?

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I find that Pages handles Scrivener’s RTF export way better than Word does. (Although that’s MMD -> RTF, which for all I know may be different from the regular RTF export.) Pages has come a long way in three versions. I like it. Though I still try to stay in Scrivener as long as possible.

The main problem is that the iWork file formats are far from public. Apple provide exporters for formats such as RTF, RTFD and suchlike, even .doc (to a limited degree), but nothing - so far - for iWork. They document the file formats on their website with the caveat that developers should not rely on them for developing importers. :unamused:

Please do write to Apple (bugreport.apple.com) and tell them to make it easier for developers to provide direct iWork support. :slight_smile:


Yes, like how about using OpenDoc as the core type instead of developing yet another closed off document format! Oi.

Don’t even get me started on that… Well, at least until Leopard comes out, when I can moan about format support without breaking my NDA. :unamused: