Java for Mac OS X hijacks browser search

This is just peachy; for anyone who relies on the java-powered enhanced compile filters, you have some unwelcome software piggy-backing your next java update… …

Used to this sort of thing in Windows - usually there’s a checkbox where you can tell it not to install that.

Oh, I see, they’ve done it sneakier on OS X for some reason. Instead of just unchecking the box, you actually have to hit Cancel on that page. … olbar.html

Edit: I wonder if there’s anything like Ninite for OS X. For windows you can go to, pick a bunch of free programs, and it’ll build you a script that downloads and installs all the programs you’ve picked and it automatically declines any add-ons like tool bars and such.

Here’s another way to avoid it in the future:

There seems to be…

There’s also this one:

Though I note neither of them say that they decline toolbars and such. Has that not really been a problem thus far on the Mac?

Edit: and I’m not seeing Java on either, so I guess that’s all academic anyway…

It’s never been a problem for me with any of the applications I allow to update on my mac. This is a first, installing an unrelated plug-in that changes the behavior of another application. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend with the programs I like to use.

This shouldn’t be a problem for Scrivener, since Scrivener bundles its own copy of Java in the .app package itself (which is only ever used for Compiling). No installers involved. (Believe it or not, bundling your own stripped-down copy of Java is the recommended way of using Java in Mac applications, especially those that are sold via the Mac App Store, since the MAS won’t allow you to prompt the user to install external frameworks such as Java anyway.)

Oh? I thought it was exactly the opposite problem (Apple not allowing the bundling of java with Scriv). Shows how closely I’ve paid attention. :unamused: